Friday, 1 January 2010

iPhone Now Unlocked

After emailing O2 about unlocking my iPhone i've finally got the nod to replace the O2 sim card with one of my choice.

The instruction comes via a simple text, along with a flurry of other calls from providers all wanting to sell me a new phone (so be warned).

Although it's unlocked i haven't took the card out yet as i have paid up until 15th January, but beyond that i'm contract free.

Not really sure what to do now. I'm not going to buy another iPhone because Apple will update the 3GS with a 4th generation model in the summer.

So i'm 6 months in the phone wilderness. I can of course use the sim from my company brick but the iPhone's no fun without Wi-fi and i think the 3G services are sketchy.

I understand you can get a rolling contract with O2 on a month to month basis which mean's i'm not locked into to any long term contracts. Decisions decisions.

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