Friday, 16 July 2010

iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1 update

Apple released, what is arguably the most anticipated software update ever, for its new iPhone 4 and all due to mass hysteria over its antenna signal strength.

To update or not to update, that is the question.

Here's the update on my iPhone 4. There's no actual science involved here. What i'm  about to show you will not spin the earth of its axis.

Here's a screen shot of my iP4 before the update. Notice the 3 signal bars. It's worth mentioning that 3G signal fluctuates anyway but in the interests of this post i sat in the same chair before and after the update, which took no more than 10 mins to complete.

Here's the update notification telling me that the earth will not spin off its axis.

Finally here's the iP4 after the update. Notice i now have 2 signal bars which are slightly taller than before.

That's it! Science lesson over.

I should point out that i have never had issue's with my iP4 since i got it. It's better than my 3G at making calls period! On saying that i'm not doubting for one minute some people have had signal loss but i don't think its as bad as people are making out.

The whole thing has been blown out of proportion in my humble and honest non scientific opinion.

Apple will hold a press conference today to try to appease it's shareholders and the markets. For the rest of us it's business as usual.

Let's hope they nail it once and for all as their PR machine's wheels have completely fallen off. Actually when i think about it, Apple's PR machine has always been us, the fanboys. So it's our wheels that have fallen off and we need Apple to put them back on and send us on our way.

Maybe they'll wow us with a "one more thing", ATV anyone? John Gruber has a hunch it'll be something biggish. Let's just wait and see.

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